Headlamps & Accessories

Simplify your nighttime routines with the convenience of a new headlamp from WildernessOneStop.com. We carry a huge selection of headlamps and accessories so you can find the options you need to stay safe in the wilderness, no matter where your travels take you. Be sure to explore all the options here to find the one that is best suited for your needs, including features like comfort fit, lumen count, weight, red light mode and much more. A headlamp is the perfect lighting solution when you need your hands free. Directional light is especially helpful when you are performing manual tasks in the dark and when you want to avoid distracting people nearby. Shop quality Fenix, UCO and Coleman headlamps to find the right light for your nighttime needs.

Headlamps are a vital element of any outdoor or emergency pack; it’s a good idea to have convenient illumination with you in the car, in the wilderness and in your emergency kit at home. The range of high-quality, affordable options here will light the way for you in any situation. Take your time finding the perfect option to take with you on your next adventure. And while you are browsing for all the outdoor gear you need for a successful camping, hiking or backpacking trip, be sure to shop all of our categories, from backpacks to sleeping bags and tents and beyond. Imagine going to sleep in your Coleman tent with a full belly after making a delicious dinner on your collapsible outdoor grill. The wilderness is calling!